Benefits of Holistic Dentistry in San Antonio

What are the Benefits of Holistic Dentistry?

A Whole Health Focus

Holistic dentists look at the whole person, considering their physical health, activity levels, and mental health, focusing on how they connect to oral health. Rather than quick fixes for symptoms, a holistic dentist will focus on providing overall care that is as healthy and natural as possible.


Holistic dentists and the medical community understand that what we put into our bodies in any form has a lasting effect on our other organs, our nerves, and our general wellness. Instead of using potentially toxic fillings such as silver amalgams, they carefully select biocompatible materials that won’t cause long-term problems. They don’t recommend fluoride or other unnecessary treatments which can lead to health problems such as arthritis.

Minimal X-Rays

While a digital x-ray can give your dentist a detailed image of the structure of your mouth, jaw, and teeth, they shouldn’t be ordered indiscriminately. Holistic dentists prefer to use digital x-rays that are low in radiation. They only take x-rays when it is necessary.

Minimal Medication

Holistic dentistry uses a low-key approach to pain relief, choosing natural pain relievers instead of writing prescriptions for potent opioids and other problematic pain medications that can mask symptoms and create dependency.

Patient Education

Holistic dentistry encourages the full participation of patients in their own healthcare. We provide resources and information to every patient so they can make informed decisions about their oral health and dental care. If you have questions or concerns, we are always available to give the answers you seek.

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