Personalized Care with Targeted Therapy

At Orbis Dental Group, we offer a variety of tests that can evaluate your overall health so that we can offer a targeted therapy that is custom to you!

OralDNA® Saliva Test

The saliva test provides early warning of oral pathogens and establishes inherited genetic risk. Dr. Austin is then able to personalize therapy and treatment as well as identify potential related systemic health risks.

Benefit of OralDNA

  • Find hidden oral pathogens that threaten your oral and systemic health. Common pathogens directly cause gum disease and may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and birth complication.
  • Learn if you were born with gene markers associated with increased inflammation, a critical factor in the severity of periodontitis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease
  • Help your provider select the most effective treatment if you already have periodontal disease, and then measure treatment results with a follow-up test
  • Learn if you have HPV high-risk types associated with oral cancer

Metal Sensitivity Test

Metal hypersensitivity testing is a blood test that tests immune cell responses to different metals. Testing can identify which people may be more susceptible to developing excessive immune reactions to certain implant metals—including but not limited to…

  • Aluminum
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Mercury
  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Tin
  • Titanium Alloy Particles
  • Cobalt Alloy Particles
  • Bone Cement Particles
  • Bone Cement Liquid

Oral Cancer Brush Test

The BrushTest is a proprietary diagnostic tool that is completely painless unlike surgical biopsy and can identify pre-cancer, which is indicated by red, white or mixed spots in the mouth.
The vast majority of these spots are innocuous, but 4% of them require further follow-up. If identified at this stage, oral cancer can be prevented.
In the United States, more than 48,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer annually. The disease claims the lives of nearly 10,000 a year.
That’s why we incorporate the BrushTest an integral part of your oral cancer screening protocol.