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These days, the average dental practice is mostly concerned about numbers and metrics, and the good ones put all their energy into their patients’ teeth. But when you come to Orbis Dental Group, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re visiting a dental office in San Antonio that will always prioritize your health, comfort, and satisfaction over absolutely everything else.

When it comes to our dentists’ qualifications, our selection of services, our technology, the materials we use, and our customer service, we never compromise because you deserve our best effort in every facet. Our compassion for our patients can be seen in the relationships we develop as well as our whole-body wellness approach to dentistry, and we know you’ll feel the difference starting at your first appointment.

Comprehensive, Complex Dentistry

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Your dental health has a direct impact on your overall health, and the opposite is true as well. That’s why we follow a truly comprehensive methodology and provide a broad range of services designed to serve your entire being, not just your mouth. We can do everything including preventive dentistry that’s fully personalized so we can address minor issues before they become big problems, handle the most complex cases, and work with many patients who have intricate medical needs to simplify and coordinate their treatments into one seamless experience (more on this below).   

Expert-Led Collaborative Dental Care

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Dr. Lee is a graduate of and former adjunct professor at Tufts University, considered one of the leading dental schools in the world. He completed his residency at Boston University and has continued to expand his knowledge by taking courses through the renowned Pankey Institute and Spear Education. He’s joined by his wife, Dr. Hachem, a board-certified periodontist who specializes in gum treatments and surgeries like dental implant placement. Having these two experts under one roof saves our patients from having to travel between multiple offices for different services, creating a smoother experience as well as better care.

Gentle Dentistry from a Friendly, Skilled Team

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Our team is always smiling because we truly love what we do and who we serve. Our primary goal is to strengthen our patient relationships each day, whether this involves giving them expert dentistry or simply listening and better understanding their situation. Many of our team members have been with us for a decade or more, so they are experts at helping people feel welcome and delivering fast, effective service that lets people know that we truly care.

Referrals Done Right

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People with complex medical needs like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (as well as anyone who has specific healthcare requirements) have all had this experience: they go to a provider who can’t offer what they need, so they are sent to another provider, who also can’t help, so they are directed to a specialist, and so on. Often, this doesn’t result in the patient getting what they need, but rather they feel frustrated and shuffled around.

At Orbis Dental Care, we’re able to handle most situations entirely in-house, but if we do need to refer you out, we will take care of everything. We will make sure the doctor is the right kind of specialist. We will make sure their treatment options work for you. We will check to see if they’ll accept your insurance. We’ll even schedule the appointment for you. Dr. Lee will personally oversee every aspect of your care, serving as the “quarterback” of your team, ensuring you receive the kind and effective attention you deserve.

We Stand Behind Our Work 100%

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Our team is constantly doing research to stay on top of the latest findings in the dental field so we can continually integrate them into our practice, and we also invest a lot in the materials and technology that we use. We’re very proud of the work we do here and stand by it, so much so that we offer something that most other dental offices won’t—a warranty. We guarantee that a patient’s dental work will last for 10 years if they keep up with their regular maintenance appointments, and if it doesn’t, we’ll cover all or part of the cost of a replacement.

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