Sedation Dentist – San Antonio, TX

Fast-Acting Sedation to
Stop Dental Anxiety

Dental patient relaxing thanks to sedation dentistry in San Antonio

Many people in the U.S. neglect their oral health out of fear. Whether it is a bad experience, a fear of needles, a disability that makes sitting still for long impossible, a sensitive gag reflex, or a mild to severe case of dental anxiety, sedation dentistry in San Antonio can be a great way to overcome anything that might be preventing you from receiving quality dental care. Providing oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and nitrous oxide, you can trust that we will use the method that is right for you so that you can undergo the care you need to maintain a healthy smile.

Why Choose Orbis Dental Group for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Three Types of Sedation Readily Available
  • We Offer Valuable Discounts with our In-Office Membership Program
  • Dentists with Years of Valuable Experience

Oral Conscious Sedation

Person pouring pills out of a bottle and into their hand

Oral conscious sedation is delivered in pill form and prescribed by our dentists. You will take the medication before your appointment and can expect to feel calm, at ease, and undeterred by the treatment you will receive. This will allow our dentists to perform the necessary care while ensuring that you remain safe and comfortable during your appointment. You may even find it difficult to remember much about your visit once treatment is complete.

IV Sedation

Close up of I V drip

When it comes to receiving IV sedation, it is often used on individuals who suffer from extreme cases of dental anxiety. Much stronger than nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation, many assume that you will be fully unconscious; however, you will not. Instead, you will feel as if you are falling asleep, yet you can be easily awakened when needing to respond to verbal cues. The medication will enter your bloodstream through an IV, allowing you to quickly feel fully relaxed before the start of treatment.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Dental patient with nitrous oxide mask over their nose

If visiting the dentist only causes you mild anxiety, or you need help to remain still during your appointment, nitrous oxide might be the best solution. Because it is a fast-acting method of sedation, you can expect to feel the effects in just minutes, allowing you to enter into a state of euphoria while also feeling slightly warm. Once the gas mixture is turned off, the effects will dissipate as quickly as they come on.