Dental Crowns – San Antonio, TX

Restore Damaged and Decayed Teeth

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Here at Orbis Dental Group in San Antonio, we want to help you retain your natural smile for as long as possible. In some cases, that means we must provide dental crowns to restore damaged and decayed teeth. We always use beautiful and strong materials that are designed to stand the test of time. Read this page to learn some basic facts about dental crowns, and get in touch with us when you would like to book a restorative dentistry consultation.

Why Choose Orbis Dental Group for Dental Crowns?

  • Aesthetically Pleasing, Top-Quality Materials
  • Detail-Oriented Dentists and Team
  • Patient Wellness Is Our Top Priority

What Is a Dental Crown?

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A dental crown is a custom “cap” that covers the entire portion of a tooth that is visible above the gumline. Its job is to restore the shape, strength, and function of a damaged or decayed tooth. Our practice provides beautiful, tooth-colored crowns that are made of porcelain, eMax (a specific type of porcelain), and zirconia.

We often recommend a dental crown if:

  • A tooth has spots of decay that cannot be repaired with a filling.
  • A tooth is badly chipped or cracked.
  • A tooth has become worn-down due to years of teeth grinding and clenching.
  • You wish to improve the appearance of a specific tooth.

The Process of Getting a Dental Crown

Selecting shade for patient’s dental crown

The dental crown process usually requires at least two appointments During the first appointment, we will prepare your tooth to fit beneath your restoration. In many cases, we have to remove a bit of enamel. Once your tooth is ready, we will use an advanced scanner to capture a digital impression of your teeth.

A dental lab will use that impression to fabricate your crown. In the meantime, you will wear a temporary crown to protect your tooth. When your permanent restoration is ready, we will verify that it lives up to our rigorous quality standards before we attach it to your tooth.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

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A dental crown can deliver a number of benefits:

  • Improved dental function. Your restoration can equip you to bite comfortably and easily consume all of your favorite foods.
  • Avoid extractions. In many cases, a crown can preserve a tooth that would otherwise need to be removed.
  • Crowns can be used as part of a treatment plan for several different oral health conditions.
  • Beautiful aesthetics. We carefully design crowns so they look as natural as possible.
  • Easy maintenance. Keeping a dental crown in good shape requires the same basic best practices that are necessary for natural teeth. With proper care, your crown might last for 10 – 15 years or longer!