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Invisalign clear aligners are unlike the braces of 20 or 30 years ago. While traditional metal bracket-and-wire systems once dominated the orthodontic world, clear solutions are now capturing the attention of individuals who want to do something about their crooked, gapped, and misaligned teeth. At Orbis Dental Group, our team of experts possess the training, education, and experience to deliver fast and lasting results with the help of more subtle solutions. Let us know if you are interested in learning more about Invisalign in San Antonio.

Why Choose Orbis Dental Group for Invisalign?

  • Digital Impression System Used for More Comfortable Aligners
  • Flexible Financing & In-Office Membership Program Available
  • Highly Skilled Dental Team That Cares About Continuing Education

How Invisalign Works

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Invisalign treatment begins with a consultation. Our team will examine your teeth and evaluate their suitability for Invisalign. If they are deemed suitable, we will take digital impressions, photographs, and X-rays of your teeth.

Using these digital records, we’ll create a 3D virtual representation of your teeth, mapping out the desired tooth movements and treatment plan. This virtual plan serves as the blueprint for creating custom-made aligners. You’ll get a “sneak peek” at what your teeth will look like during each phase of treatment, all the way to the final dazzling result!

You will be provided with a set of several aligners. You’ll wear each aligner tray for approximately one to two weeks, gradually moving the teeth closer to their desired positions. We recommend wearing the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, removing them only for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing (and the occasional special event).

We will see you periodically during the treatment to ensure the teeth are progressing as planned. At each appointment, you will get a new set of aligners, typically covering the next six to eight. The total duration of Invisalign varies depending on the individual case, but it typically ranges from several months to a couple of years. Patients will observe the gradual transformation of their smiles throughout the treatment as their teeth move into their desired positions.

The Benefits of Invisalign

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The benefits of Invisalign are unlike any that you will find with traditional braces. While there are other clear aligner solutions available on the market, this unique system has been around for decades delivering proven results.


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No one wants to wear bulky metal braces that cover the teeth and are the first thing people see when they smile. Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic and are virtually invisible when worn. They can be worn unobtrusively while working or socializing without interfering with your smile.


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The flexible SmartTrack® plastic fits snugly over the teeth and has smooth edges, unlike the sharp edges of metal brackets and wires. Patients wearing Invisalign will not suffer from the cuts and irritation common with traditional braces. The aligners slowly shift the teeth into the proper position as the patient progresses through a series of slightly different aligners, eliminating the need to tighten wires or brackets in our office.


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Because Invisalign aligners are removable, patients do not have to limit what they eat or worry about a wire or bracket that breaks or dislodges. You remove the aligner before meals so that you can enjoy the foods you love. You can even eat popcorn, taffy, and chewy foods with ease.

Patients who participate in contact sports, particularly teens, appreciate the convenience and safety of being able to remove their aligners to prevent damage to the teeth or gums from a blow to the mouth or other injuries. It is also easier to wear a sports mouthguard without braces getting in the way.

If a big event is coming up, such as a wedding, conference, or family photograph, you can remove your aligner for a few hours without worrying and hiding your smile.

Better Oral Hygiene

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Traditional metal braces are notoriously hard to keep clean. Brushing and flossing around the brackets and wires is difficult. Some people end up with multiple cavities after their metal braces are removed. With Invisalign®, they remove their aligners to brush and floss their teeth, then pop the aligner back in place.

Teens and Adults Can Wear Invisalign® Clear Aligners!

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We do not recommend Invisalign for younger children whose teeth and jaw have not fully developed, but we often recommend them for mature teens. Before choosing Invisalign for your child or teen, consider their maturity level and the likelihood they will wear the aligners daily for the prescribed 22 hours.

Adults overwhelmingly prefer Invisalign because the aligners do not draw attention to their teeth. They avoid the potential embarrassment of wearing braces, often seen as a teen rite of passage, while working and socializing.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Invisalign Clear Aligners?

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Most dental insurance plans cover Invisalign clear aligners for teens the same way they pay for traditional orthodontics. Most coverage is either partial or will pay up to a specific dollar amount for aligners. Some insurance plans may not cover Invisalign for adults unless it is medically necessary. We encourage you to ask your insurance provider about the coverage limits before beginning Invisalign treatment. We also offer a VIP dental plan at Orbis Dental Group that can reduce out-of-pocket costs.